black & white summer stylings

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If you would take a peek into my closet you would probably see 50% black, 20% grey and 10% white clothing. The other 20% would be a mixture of all kind of colours from neutrals to pastels to really loud and popping colours. I think I can't even explain why I am such a sucker for black clothing. I guess it's because it is somehow clean and simple but at the same time powerful and mysterious.
I sometimes feel a bit awful about not wearing much colours in the summertime... yes, I must admit I can't wait for it to be over. But I took it as a chance to create 3 black & white outfits which are still kind of easy and lightweight to be worn in summer. 

Look 1

I love white pants for summer and I still find it quite sad that so many big women and men are afraid to wear them. When you are a fat person like I am your are constantly told that you shouldn't wear any white clothing at all because it makes you even look bigger. Well let me tell you something... if you are fat, then you are fat. There is no piece of clothing that could possibly hide the fact that you are fat. I could wear all black and still be fat. 
I of course understand that there are a lot of people who just don't feel comfortable in their body yet and tend to choose clothes which aren't as daring in order not to draw too much of attention. It is always a personal choice if you want to hide or flaunt your body or if you simply just want to enjoy fashion like I am. But it is never okay to tell others what or what not to wear. You do you and you are awesome just as you are!
The pants are currently one of my favourites just as the black sleeveless jacket which is still a must-have for autumn/winter. Both are from Mango Violeta, Mango's plus size range. The shirt is a basic from ASOS Curve and the bag and glasses are from ZARA.

Look 2

Slip dresses (New Look) had been huge this summer and will still be in autumn/winter. I like wearing them plain of with a blazer for going out but for a casual look they can be really challenging because you can easily feel kind of naked. Wearing a basic tee (Asos Curve) underneath can be a great alternative. It makes the dress more wearable plus you don't have to worry about revealing too much when you're out for shopping or whatever you are doing on a regular basis. When it gets colder you can also trade the tee for a turtle neck which is super stylish this season and looks so chic and sophisticated.
Aditionally the bag is from ZARA and the shoes from New Look from their wide fit range.

Look 3

Another major trend at them moment are cropped flared trousers. I can barely sense them at plus size retailers which sucks big time but I haven't given up hope that we will be able to buy them soon. Seeing no other possibility I have decided to cut one of my flared denims which I have already possessed (Junarose, old). The easiest way to cut your trousers is by putting them on and marking the desired length on only one leg. Then take em off and cut the leg you have marked. But your pants back on to check if the length is as you want it to be or if it needs to be adjusted. Once you have received your desired length take off the trouser again and fold it so that both legs are laying together and make sure that the crotch is even. Then cut the second leg which assures you that both legs are having exact the same length.
Pair it with your favourite top and you are ready to go!
I have combined it with a cami top and blazer from ASOS Curve and some old white sandals from New Look.

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